The construction world’s representative of the 100-year old knowledge and experience in construction, mining, industry and manufacturing sectors… The essential of buildings in terms of strength… Solutions beyond the expectations in building chemicals… An establishment that has vitalized thousands of structure for 30 years with its quality… ARSLANLI

Arslanli A.S. started its plaster manufacturing and stepped into the building world in 2005 with the trademark ARALCI and laid the foundations of ARKIM, which is another trademark, in 2007 and entered the building chemicals sector. ARSLANLI offered good quality, strong and TSE guaranteed solutions with its trademark ARTHERM in heat isolation which is another need of the buildings and became the preferable choice of professionals in the building world as a result of its expanding product range. Arslanli has grown even more as a result of the RE-DEV activities and infrastructure works realized in the following years, decided to expand in the building chemicals sector and stepped into the international market besides the Turkish market. Arslanli improves its preferability as a trademark each year due to the customer satisfaction it ensures and provides both quality and strength to the structures as a result of its products and solutions beyond expectations. Arslanli represents its country in the world by creating a difference in global terms and succeeds in improving in different eras by new investments. 


Its vision is to always take into consideration customer requests and keep the level of customer satisfaction high, as well as widening its market share by being preferred more and more each day by the users. Besides, being the most trustful trademark of building chemicals in Turkey and one of the leading companies in the world.



Its primary mission is to meet the needs of all target groups and primarily the customers, partners and contractor companies with a perfect service quality, being a nationally and globally preferable company with its various product range and suitable price policy, being one of the leading companies in the sector by its social responsibility projects supported in terms of education, health, culture, art, environment and sports.